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While I wait...

Waiting is something that I am no stranger to, especially in the area of motherhood. There has been waiting to conceive again after loss, waiting to see if you will carry your baby to what is considered a viable gestational age, waiting for NICU discharge, waiting to see improvements in your child’s development, waiting for test results again and again. And the wait list just keeps growing.

Nothing can diminish the pain and it seems like the tears are never ending. In the process of waiting we often struggle with what we thought life would be, we struggle with our hopes and fears. We try to find ways to speed up the process but time seems to be standing still. There is so much uncertainty in waiting. We ask the question “how much longer” over and over. When will God fulfill his promises to us? We grow frustrated when things are beyond our control and we can’t seem to alter the outcomes no matter how hard we try. I know, I have been there before and I am here again now. I want to encourage you the way that I encourage myself while waiting.

It is in my seasons of waiting that I have come to realize the incredible strength and wisdom that I possess. How you wait matters. It may be weeks, months or even years that you have been waiting to see a change. The posture of your heart and your perspective are key in your wait. I believe that there are blessings that come in your quiet seasons. Seasons when it seems as if nothing is happening. But your heart and eyes have to be open to see and receive them.

There are times when the wait consumes us, it is all that we can think about. Our focus is on the things we are waiting on and we begin to neglect our current lives. We do not allow ourselves to find joy in the very things that we were once waiting on in prior seasons.

Everyone is waiting on something right now. Some have been waiting years and for others, the wait has just begun. Remember this in your waiting season; you are still worthy, you are more than enough and whatever it is that you are waiting on does not take away from who you are as an individual. Open your heart and eyes during this time and allow yourself to see the beauty and blessings in everything around you. No matter what, keep a grateful heart. While we wait, I stand with you. I am praying and believing with you!

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