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Carrita Flie is a young woman who exudes strength and grace. She can also be described as a true victor and an example to many women. Carrita is an angel mom times two. After experiencing two losses, she was led by God to begin sharing her story publicly. Her motivation for sharing this journey was to remind other women that they were not alone. She also wanted to make it known that child loss did not only happen to certain groups of women. Anyone could find themselves in this seat. 

Growing up in Chicago, IL; Carrita always knew that she wanted to work in law enforcement. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice, Carrita began to do just that. Shortly after Carrita began attending Washington University School of Law. During this time, she gave birth to her son prematurely at twenty-six weeks. After graduating from WashU with a Master of Legal Studies, Carrita began her nonprofit organization. The Premium Promise Project, Inc previously known as Raising Little Miracles, Inc was founded to serve NICU families and families of children with special needs.


About the Founder


Carrita’s experience with child loss, a high-risk pregnancy and dealing with the medical complexities of a micro preemie have led to the work that she is doing today.


Carrita is a published author, NICU advocate, inspirational speaker and overall supporter of women.

Click HERE to purchase her book, You're Still Here.


My Sentiments Exactly

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