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Releasing Fear

The last couple of weeks have been full of mixed emotions. My little miracle started Pre-K!!! It feels like I blinked, and it was already time for school. He had been asking to go to school for about a year, but I was so afraid of allowing him to take that next step. Between the pandemic and all my medical mom fears I just didn’t know if we were ready. I was afraid of trusting someone else to care for him, afraid of him getting hurt, afraid of him not making friends and the list goes on. After much prayer and plenty of tears, I knew that it was time to give school a try. And I am so glad that we made that move!

Of course, as with any transition, there have been challenges. But overall, Isaac is loving school! I honestly think that he’s handling it better than mommy haha. Yep, I am still a ball of emotions y’all, but happy with my decision.

On the first day of school, Isaac got hurt on the playground and it broke my heart. I cried for hours that night regretting my decision to put him in school. I felt like a terrible mom, like I had done something wrong. But that was so far from the truth. Isaac was just fine, nothing more than a scratch! After a day or so, he wasn’t even phased by it. I almost let that little incident steal every ounce of joy I had about my baby being in school. I had to fight through those feelings and realize that incidents may occur, but I cannot allow them to make me lose sight of the big picture. My son is HEALTHY & HAPPY! He has worked so hard on his mobility, speech, overall development and more to get to this moment. He fought for this experience, and I could not allow my fears and doubts to keep him from it.

I am so proud of us both for making it through six days of school already and I am looking forward to the many new things that we will get to experience throughout this school year.

Mamas, If I could tell you anything, I would say trust yourself. You know your sweet little one(s) better than anyone. Don’t rush any decisions that you have to make regarding your babies. Do not be pressured by what you see others doing or saying. Make the decisions that work best for YOUR family and don’t doubt yourself. Isaac is in school; I’m working outside of the home, and we are happy! A little tired, but happy! Lol. I am so grateful that I released my fears, stepped into a new season and allowed God to have his way.

This new beginning feels amazing!

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