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Excerpts from "You're Still Here"

"Twenty-one weeks into my pregnancy, it was discovered that cervix had shortened to just 1cm. I was shattered. How could this be part of God’s plan? It just could not be. When we find ourselves in what seem like the most impossible situations, it is important to shift our perspective. Ask God to allow you to things through His lens and not your own. I had to realize that no matter what was to come, God was in control and I was still here!"

"When I walked into the tiny isolation room where they were working on Isaac, my heart shattered into a million pieces. This was not my son. He did not look anything like himself. God, you cannot take my promise away from me like this, that’s all I was thinking. We had not come this far for it to end this way. I wept, I prayed, I screamed and allowed myself to be completely vulnerable with God. I was broken but I had to keep pressing into the word of God. He was not going to leave us now. He had his arms wrapped around my baby boy and He was still here! Isaac survived the day."

"After I had given birth to Isaac and we were sitting in the NICU, God gave me a clear word. I was in spiritual labor. Every tear that I cried, the pain I was feeling, the way that my faith was being stretched was all part of my spiritual birthing experience. What I would birth was my ministry. My foundation; Raising Little Miracles. Inc., (The Premium Promise Project) I had to endure in that season, so that in this season I would be able to speak life into the mother sitting next to an incubator drowning in her tears. I had to endure in that season, so that in this season I could remind each person who reads this book, that it gets better and that God has not forgotten about you! So, keep fighting through those labor pains because what you will birth is going to change lives. God is not done with you yet!"

I wanted to share some of the most inspirational pieces of my book for those who have not read it. These parts are so near and dear to my heart because they are the foundation for everything that we stand for at The P2 Project! I pray that these words touch you in a special way and give you the strength and courage that you need today. Love and Blessings!

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