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Documented Miracles

When Isaac was about a year old, I heard God as clear as day in shower say to me that He’d give me a daughter if I kept trusting Him. At that time I was convinced I didn’t want any more kids. Truth is; I was just afraid of everything that could go wrong…again. Now here I am, four years later, publicly living in that promise that God made me in private.

So many things happened in the past four years that almost made me believe that I heard God wrong. But during that time God kept sending people to remind me of that promise. Words were prophesied, confirmation received etc.  But I still wasn’t seeing the promise.

In May of 2022 I was scheduled to speak at a conference titled “It Had to Happen”and I was believing God that by the time I got to the conference, I’d be carrying a child and testifying of His goodness! It had been a year since my third loss and I was growing impatient. As the conference date grew closer instead of me being pregnant, I would receive multiple diagnoses regarding my infertility and it was recommended that I try finding a surrogate.

The morning we were set to get on the road and head to the conference I began having extremely heavy bleeidng, a result of me having Adenomyosis. By medical standards I probably should have gone to the hospital, but I knew I needed to get to my assignment. God had something waiting for me. I pressed through doing whatever I had to do to take care of the bleeding. Fast forward to the night of conference. The woman of God who brought the word preached on the woman with the issue of blood. I knew she was talking to me. Out of all the people in the room, it was as if she and I were having a one on one conversation. She prophesied to me, without knowing any of my personal business, that everything the doctors said had to happen in order for a documented miracle to take place! She spoke that my womb would bring forth life.

I was there to speak, but the pour I received was unmatched.

I left that conference full of faith and fight again! Yet, months went by without conceiving and I felt doubt creeping in…again.

Then in God’s perfect timing that promise was fulfilled. Not only did I conceive the daughter that God promised me four years ago,but she was born perfectly healthy at 36 weeks defying the odds of one of my many diagnoses, an incompetent cervix. My documented miracle has taken place. It did not happen overnight, and it took much longer than I would have liked. However, as I sit here reflecting on the journey I am grateful for the waiting season. God moved in the most beautiful ways during that time.

Hold on to what YOU know God said and don’t let go. That promise is coming. Not in our timing, but God’s! Your documented miracle is in the works!

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For we know that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD……I just believe that, it ALL HAD TO HAPPEN! God most certainly got the glory and continues to do so!

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