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What's Next for The P2 Project?

As some of you may know The Premium Promise Project, Inc was formerly Raising Little Miracles, Inc. So why the name change? I wanted our name to be a true representation of our journey and everything that we believe in. When Isaac was in the NICU and doctors were sure that we would lose him, the words “Premium Promise” were spoken over him and I was reminded that God has a plan for him. Everything that I do for NICU families, the stories that I share, every testimony that I tell comes from a place of knowing that God is a PROMISE keeper!

My goal for The P2 Project has always been to serve. Serve families in whatever capacity I can in their seasons of needing a helping hand. Whether that be a grocery store gift card, a two hour phone call, a care package, prayer, advice or anything that I am able to give in support of their NICU journey. I remember how grateful I felt every time I walked into Isaac’s bedside and saw a gift bag from the hospital or an outside organization. It was a reminder that we were not forgotten. It was such a beautiful feeling knowing that someone I didn’t know and would probably never meet cared about my family.

I knew then, that when the time was right, I needed to do the same thing. I needed to be a reminder to all NICU families that they are not alone. The days are long and it seems like everyone’s life is moving ahead while your life has come to a complete halt. I felt this for 116 days. Whatever I can do to ease this pain for another family, I will do. Having a child in the NICU, PICU or a child that requires extra medical assistance at home can cause financial strain for a family. Being in a position to assist in that area is another major goal for The P2 Project. I am beyond grateful for the donors that we have had over the past two years. Because of them, we have been able to provide hospital care packages, host free self care events for moms, send financial assistance to NICU moms in Texas during the storm, send care packages to mothers who were unsure of how they’d feed their children and so much more!

If you feel led to donate anything at all please click the donate tab on our home page. If you desire to collaborate or work together in another capacity, please do not hesitate to send us a message from the home page as well. Thank you all for your continued support and love as we journey on. Not only are we grateful, but so are the families that are being supported.

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